About LNB Construction

LNB Construction’s Mission is to provide every customer with earth moving solutions that use cutting edge technology to save money, time, and effort. Every project we undertake is with the explicit understanding that you will realize significant cost savings because of our solutions.

We provide every project with a safety-oriented, dedicated team and high quality equipment that strive to save you money through the application of site constructability via Topcon and Surveying suitability. While other construction companies compete on price alone, LNB Construction offers a better way to manage your project. We interpret your drawings and move less dirt faster than anyone else to save you time and money.

LNB Construction offers you a way to mitigate the risks involved with earth moving projects. We can help you lock in on the cost of an earthworks solution, even with soil variability, and ensure that you come in on or under budget and on time. We bring our vast experience and technical expertise to bear on every project, and can help you develop a budget to cover everything that happens below ground.
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Our History

LNB began business in central British Columbia almost 40 years ago as a family-owned company operating out of Merritt British Columbia. Today, the Company is a division of Infracon Energy Services Corporation, a fully-integrated earth moving entity made up of three separate companies with locations in Vancouver, Kamloops, Fort St. John and Merritt British Columbia.

Our focus on continually improving our process over our existence has kept us at the forefront of cost savings and efficiency.

Environmental Responsibility

LNB construction operates in accordance with the need for environmental accountability and strictly adheres to the requirement for environmental responsibility. We comply with environmental regulations and conduct operations in an environmentally sound manner.

We apply the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. LNB promotes environmental responsibility with employees and ensures suppliers agree to comply with environmental regulations. LNB is diligent in our efforts to improve our environmental performance in all that we do.
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