Better Information Means Less Work

GPS surveying gives you pinpoint accuracy in processing your site. You get accurate coordinates for surveying points that are within a 5mm range.

GPS surveying ensures that you understand what’s underneath the earth’s surface that can cause problems during construction. It allows you to plan and budget for the contingencies you’ll face once the project is underway.

Get a detailed idea of what’s underground to mitigate the risks associated with anchor bolt downs and other soil issues. This saves you costs in reduced digging and earth moving to help bring your project under or at budget.

Why Choose GPS Surveying with LNB Construction

LNB Construction is your one-stop shop for all surveying and design functions. Work with one contractor rather than trying to manage several. LNB Construction can get your project completed from the beginning design phase to project completion and everything in between.

You get a comprehensive contracting solution with LNB Construction’s 40+ years of experience in the field. In addition to our expansive expertise, you also get the most advanced, cutting edge technology that is proven to reduce work and costs, saving you valuable time and money.

GPS Survey Services guarantees pinpoint accuracy  GPS Survey Services LNB GPS Survey Services 1 DuoTone

LNB Construction provides comprehensive GPS survey services for every phase of construction  GPS Survey Services LNB GPS Survey Services 2 DuoTone

Cutting edge GPS survey equipment proven to decrease costs and time  GPS Survey Services LNB GPS Survey Services 3 DuoTone