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GPS technology today is advancing the accuracy and efficiency of all construction sites through accurate positioning. By positioning earthworks equipment in precise locations and digging to within millimeters of tolerance of your site’s designs, not only can you balance your site’s cut-fill ratio, but you significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to get your site ready for construction.

How It Works

GPS satellites can pinpoint the exact survey area much faster and with more accuracy than ever before. Sensors are placed on the buckets, blades, and booms of the equipment that use GPS positioning to show the operator what needs to be moved, to achieve exact grade, all without stopping frequently to survey to ensure the development of the site is on track.
GPS technology feeds the data received from satellites and the equipment’s sensors back to the operator and the site manager so that real-time information is available to ensure that the accurate plot is being developed. This eliminates nearly all double-handling of materials because it’s done right the first time.
LNB Construction uses TOPCON GPS machine control technology with Brandt machinery, a best-in-class solution that leads the industry in cost-savings and efficiencies.

Benefits of GPS Machine Control

Human error can cause delays and cost money. Eliminate that risk with GPS machine control to guide the exact placement of your materials. By using technology to determine where and how much to dig, you also eliminate the need for additional manpower needed to calculate and determine the exact location and to ensure that your earthworks are being performed correctly and accurately.
GPS machine control also reduces the down time you normally experience when surveyors need to survey the plot to ensure the earthworks are on target. The GPS technology automatically feeds that information to both the machine operator and the site manager so that any adjustments can happen on the fly, without any downtime.
Because you never know what you’ll find once you start digging, any changes to the site design can be made instantly at the source, eliminating the need for more costly downtime while site plans are being recalculated and adjusted. GPS machine control can instantly reposition your site when new plans are uploaded.